Is storage hunters real

is storage hunters real

So I like to watch storage hunters on Dave (I suppose it's my guilty pleasure), but I 'm wondering more and more whether Heavy D is actually. Storage Hunters is a reality show about people that bid on abandoned . so I really hope that these people are not as stupid as they appear here in real life!. Is there auctions in real life like that? How do they decide which storage has no owner?. The worst part is that ribery gehalt says this probably times per episode and sometimes is storage hunters real as he says this to bid a lot. If you had Barbara Walters auctioning these bins off, no one would be watching. If this one could get negative stars for their rating, that's what they would. NEWS Top News Movie News TV News Celebrity News Indie News COMMUNITY Contributor Zone Polls. If the obviously derivative name were not enough of a clue that this program may lag behind its competition in quality, a few episodes are enough to show most viewers why this show is pretty unpopular. Click the link below to see our latest recaps of Storage Hunters UK. June 16, at 9: He also just constantly trills his tongue during each auction and it gets unbearable about half way through an episode. Please use Spoiler tags where appropriate: Retrieved from " https: Hester also claims the network paid certain female stars to receive plastic surgery. Please email errors quora. It was announced in October that Dave announced that a celebrity series would take place following the huge hit of the one off special earlier in the year with five minute episodes. This show is utterly unwatchable! You are not entitled to a warning for behavior. I'm skeptical of any reality TV, because if it was real, every now and then you would have something boring going on, and boring things that aren't British dramas don't get ratings.

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Jesse McClure Interview - Is Storage Hunters Real? is storage hunters real The show is a FAKE. Post icons identify sources, such as BBC iPlayer Etiquette Remember the Reddiquette! It's literally just a bunch of fat typical Americans fighting and dropping large amounts of money on each unit. Let me put it this way, I'm a huge pro wrestling fan and it continually astounds me that people I know who are like "but you know it's FAKE right?? Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. This page may be out of date. Well, we watch this stuff and gradually it has dawned on us that, like Santa Claus, this may not be quite real … pity because it is quite fun. He just trills his tongue in between bids. June 26, at 3: If you've never seen an episode of the seriesthe show follows a group of professional buyers who bid on unpaid storage units to, hopefully, find something worth selling for a profit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. No blue-tarp to save the deal.